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  1. Where do I find ScotSail?
  2. What time do I arrive?
  3. What if I'm going to be late?
  4. What happens when I arrive?
  5. Why do you charge extra for waterproofs?
  6. What should I bring?
  7. What should I not bring or do?
  8. How many other people will I/We be with?
  9. Where do we go?
  10. What's included in the price? - Sail Practical
  11. What is not included in the price?
  12. Where can I view a complete Price List?
  13. Why should I book with ScotSail?
  14. What do we do on a typical ScotSail Practical Course?
  15. What is the food like?
  16. What happens if there is poor weather on a Practical Course?
  17. What is your cancellation policy?
  18. When will I know if I have passed my RYA course?
  19. Will I Get Mobile Phone / Wireless BroadBand Coverage? *New!
  20. Is my money safe with ScotSail? *New!



  Where do I find ScotSail?

---For all ScotSail Courses/Experiences ---

ScotSail LargsCentre is located at:

Largs Yacht Haven

Irvine Road, Largs,

North Ayrshire


Sat Nav Users: KA30 8EZ


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ScotSail is located in the centre courtyard of Largs Yacht Haven. Upon arrival, if you are driving, you should approach the automatic barrier adjacent to the access-card reader. Use the push-button to speak to reception - give your name and that you are checking-in with ScotSail.   You will then be granted access to the main car-park.   If you arrive on foot or by train or taxi please come directly to ScotSails main office for check-in / arrival.


ScotSail Area Map

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Waterproofs Rental
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Hot Drinks Vending
Charter / Hire Fleet
Company-Owned Maintenance Facilities
Company-Owned Yachts, PowerBoats & Classrooms



  What time do I arrive?

Once you have booked and paid , you will receive your Confirmation Invoice Document by Royal Mail and/or E-Mail.  This will contain the start date(s) and time(s) for your chosen course / experience.  Always check this prior to arrival as it may differ from the standard check-in arrival times below.   If you are still unsure, please Contact Us, and our staff will be happy to assist you.

---For 5 Day Sailing Practical ---

Check-In/Arrival: 1800 Hours on Sundays

---For Weekend Sailing Practical ---

Check-In/Arrival: 1800 Hours on Fridays

---For PowerBoat Practical---

Check-In/Arrival: 0900 Hours on Designated Start-Days

(Check your Confirmation Invoice Document)

---For Shorebased Theory---

Check-In/Arrival: 0900 Hours on Designated Start-Days

(Check your Confirmation Invoice Document)

---For Shorebased Safety 1 Day---

VHF Radio - 0830 Hours on Sundays

Diesel Engine - 0830 Hours on Saturdays

Radar Operator - Contact Us

First Aid - Contact Us

What if i'm going to be late?


ScotSail LargsCentre Offices...




A Typical ScotSail Yacht...




ScotSail PowerBoats at Sea...




  What if I'm going to be late?

If you discover that you are going to be late for check-in / arrival for your course or experience - don't worry! but, it is important that you let us know when you can.  This will help us to ensure that the right people are informed, and alternative arrangements for your arrival can be made.

You can inform us of a late-arrival by contacting ScotSail by telephone, e-mail, text-message, post, carrier pigeon or by visiting our offices during our normal operating hours.

Text 'LATE' to 07786-200-690*

followed by:

  1. Your Name or
  2. Booking Reference Number
  3. Estimated Arrival Time

*Texts charged at standard network rate.

We will then make sure that your Course / Experience Instructor is informed of the delay, and that late-arrival instructions are available for you at ScotSail when you do arrive.

These instructions will normally be a posted notice at ScotSails main entrance, and will consist of:

  1. Your name and booking details;
  2. Contact details of your Instructor;
  3. Where to board your training vessel
  4. Your gate access-code



Inform ScotSail of a Late Arrival...




e-mail us or use our Text Service...



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  What happens when I arrive?

LargsCentre - Practical Courses

---For Practical Sailing---

When you arrive for your practical course at Largs, you will be met by a member of ScotSail staff, or your instructor at the centre.

We will sit down with you and your fellow students and ask you some questions to ensure that you have all the necessary personal belongings and that you have read and understood about your course or experience.

You will also be asked to fill out a standard form with emergency contact details. This is also an opportunity to hire any waterproof clothing that you might require. We carry a large selection in stock at our dedicated facility.

Once all members of the crew have arrived, you will taken to your Training Vessel for boarding. You won't normally depart until the following morning so you will have the opportunity to settle in and prepare your cabin area and store your belongings. Your Instructor will introduce you to the yacht and make sure that you are comfortable. You and your crew may want to have an evening meal and ScotSail normally pre-books this for you at one of the 3 bar-restaurants within Largs Yacht Haven, and prices are very reasonable. Please advise if you DO NOT wish to participate, so that we can pre-book the correct number of spaces.

This is an ideal opportunity for you and your instructor to learn about each other and for the Instructor to get an idea of what you want to achieve on and through your course or experience.

---For Shorebased Theory---

When you first arrive for your Shorebased Theory Course at LargsCentre, your Course Instructor will address you individually, and in a class context to discuss the outline for the course delivery. Any questions or concerns can be addressed when you first arrive. The Shorebased Courses are generally a very fun endevour and you can share your experiences with others who enjoy our sport.

*Remember! You will never be left 'on-your-own' and full support is always available with any ScotSail Shorebased Theory Course. Full personal and telephone support is included in the price, as well as all classroom equipment, technology and learning materials.



Inform ScotSail of a Late Arrival...








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  Why do you charge extra for waterproofs?

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There are Two Reasons for this:

1.   Many of our customers bring their own water-proof clothing, or find that they do not need or want it.  In many cases, a good outdoor jacket, walking jacket or even ski-ing clothing is adequate - contrary to popular belief sailing or powerboating does not automatically mean you will get wet, but you should be prepared in case of inclement weather.

Unlike some other operators, ScotSail RYA Training Centre does not 'build in' this cost - helping keep our prices low and ensuring that most people who do bring their own clothing, aren't paying more than they need to - this is part of our ScotSail Customer Low Price Promise.

2.   Nowadays it can be very expensive to buy your own waterproofs - up to £500 per set - this is quite a lot in anyones wallet - particularly if you're only an occasional maritime-maniac!

At ScotSail, we operate a Marine WaterProofs Hire Centre, which is available to the general public and, of course, to our own ScotSail customers, who aren't ready to invest in their own.

Here's the good bit...

ScotSail customers pay a Special Discount Rate at our centres and all funds received are used towards repairs, maintenance, upkeep, cleaning and re-water-proofing.

This fund is used for the benefit of all our current and future budding sailors and powerboaters and, when the time comes to replace old or worn-out clothes, this unique fund will cover the cost, to allow future sailors and powerboaters to benefit from subsidised waterproof hire.

If do you intend on carrying on your sailing or powerboating career, it may be much more cost-effective to purchase your very own set of high-quality offshore waterproofs - if looked after and regularly washed and re-waterproofed using a home-washing solution, they can last a lifetime.

Click Here to View Wet Weather Gear >


At ScotSail we've invested over £20,000 in high-quality offshore waterproofs - just for you!


ScotSail Promises to Continually Check our Prices against our Competitors, to Ensure that our Prices are Kept as Low as Possible, and that we offer the Best Value for RYA Training Courses and Experiences...

What's This?


No need to pre-book - try and buy at the centre!
Discounted Rates for all ScotSail Customers
All profits go to a good cause - central fund for future boaters

Sizes from XS - XXXL plus Sailing Boots Too!

Mix & Match Any Sizes + take only what you need!







What Should I Bring? Back to Top

Practical Sailing Courses (5 Days / Weekends) : (Check-in at 1800hrs, Sundays)

Hold-All / Baggage >
Warm Clothing (Avoid Denim) >
Hat / Cap >
Gloves >
Sunglasses >
Suncream (important when on-the-water)
Wet Weather Gear (or outdoor / skiing) -
Read More >

Comfortable Shoes (Deck Shoes or Trainers) >

Shorts & T-Shirt
Sleeping Bag / Bedding
Toiletries & Towel
Spending Money
Any Medication
Camera / Mobile-Phone / Laptop / Tablet

Practical PowerBoat Courses (Midweek / Weekends) : (Check-in at 1800hrs, Fridays)

Warm Clothing (Avoid Denim) >
Hat / Cap >
Gloves >
Sunglasses >

Wet Weather Gear (inc outdoor / skiing) - Read More >

Suncream (important when on-the-water)

Comfortable Shoes (Deck Shoes or Trainers) >
Any Medication
Camera / Mobile-Phone

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  Will I Get Mobile Phone / Wireless BroadBand Coverage?    *New!

There is normally excellent mobile-phone / wireless 3G Coverage in the Firth of Clyde & Islands Sailing Area.

Many customers choose to bring mobile-phones, laptops / tablet computers etc and it is convenient to be able to keep in touch - if you want to.

Below you will find links to online coverage-checker maps from the major UK Service Providers:


Example Orange Mobile Coverage Map.


RYA Yacht and Power Boating Course Videos from ScotSail in Scotland, Largs, Glasgow

Answer Inspired by Customer Mr Henry Dargie.



  Is my money safe with ScotSail?

Yes. We recognise that customers want peace-of-mind that their money is secure when making a payment for something in advance – when you make a payment via Electronic Funds Transfer to ScotSail, your money is held in a separate and dedicated Refundable Customer Holding-Account, similar to those used by solicitors, estate-agents and some financial institutions. This also applies to payments made using credit/debit cards, cash, cheques, postal orders and RYA and ScotSail Vouchers. This money remains yours and you can request a full refund at any time, up until 28 days prior to your course / experience start-date.

Ethical Business Practices…
We believe in a business which can be both ethical and profitable – this means that your money is kept separate from our business operating accounts. We have agreements from our banking partners which separate and protects our customers’ money. This means that we do not use your deposits to fund the on-going operation of the business, and we are not dependent on making future sales to cover our liabilities to you – your money is kept in a protected account until after you have received the service. We understand that this way of working is unique to ScotSail in the RYA Training Industry, and hope this represents our commitment to respect for Ethical Business Practices.:

"our customers money is kept secure and separate, at all times"



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