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RYA Competent Crew Sailing Course

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The RYA Competent Crew Sailing Course is the prelude to the Day Skipper, and is the ideal way to see Scotland from the water. Aimed at beginners or just as an incredible experience!  A serious course with real RYA Certifcation, however, and by the end of the course you will have experienced steering a yacht, sail handling, ropework and be aware of safety on board.   Essential experience for acting as crew on board, or for Flotilla / Yacht Chartering Abroad.

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Course Topics
Course Topics
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Prices & Info
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Dates & Booking
FAQ's & Videos
FAQ's & Videos


1. Sea Terms

2. Sail Handling

3. Ropework

4. Fire Precautions

5. Personal Safety

6. Man Overboard

7. Emergency Equipment

8. Manners & Customs

9. Rules of the Road

10. Dinghies

11. Meteorology

12. Seasickness

13. Helmsmanship

14. General Duties


*Summary Guide Only. Definitive Syllabus Available in Official RYA G15 Sailing Logbook (£5.50)

a) Sufficient knowledge to understand orders given onboard.
b) Ability to tie, use and reef knots, lines and sails.
c) Handling of warps.
d) Fire safety awareness and emergency fire actions.
e) Understands safety rules, lifejackets & harnesses.
f) Understands actions to be taken in event of MOB.
g) Can operate distress flares and liferaft.


h) Use of ensigns, courtesies & environmental responsibilities.
i) Is able to keep an efficient lookout at sea.
j) Understands and complies with dinghy loading rules and able to handle dinghy/tender.
k) Aware of Weather Forecasting and knows the Beaufort Scale
l) Instructor has assessed seasickness effects in student.

m) Can steer & trim sails and keep a compass course (sail & power)




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One of the great advantages of a ScotSail Course or Experience, is that you and your crew can choose where you want to go. Getting involved in the decision making process is vital and really is all part of the fun. You and your crew have the power, with your Course/Experience Instructor, to decide where you will go. This decision will of course be taken according to the dictates of the weather, course / experience requirements and other factors - perhaps you've always wanted to buy the famous Isle of Arran Cheese, acquire luxury perfumes and soaps from Arran Aromatics, sample fresh fish and chips on the Isle of Bute or eat locally caught salmon in a restaurant in Tarbert?
A typical course or experience, be it a week or a weekend sailing, will entail leaving our centre at Largs Yacht Haven and engaging in sailing activities and training during the day, whilst en route to a destination. You will likely cover many tens of miles up to 100+ miles per week, and you will also have the opportunity to participate in a 4-hour night sail.




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Speak Directly: 0141 416 5417

ScotSail is an official RYA Recognised Training Centre for Scotland and the United Kingdom


Frequently Asked Questions and Course Joining Information for all ScotSail Courses...

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Frequently Asked Questions and Course Joining Information for all ScotSail Courses...


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